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    Ashley Marie Young, LLC

    *Accepting New Clients*

    When we work together, your life may improve in the following ways: Your relationship to your anxiety and stress will change. You’ll learn to be kinder to yourself. You’ll explore new hobbies and interests. You’ll find pockets of joy in your life where you haven’t before. You’ll say what you mean, and stand up for what you believe in (and for yourself!) You’ll help others in a meaningful way without sacrificing your self worth. You’ll step through uncomfortable breakups or makeups with your boss, employees, boyfriend, girlfriend, or frenemy in a graceful and assertive manner.
    You might even doubt whether you “need therapy” because things “aren’t so bad after all.” Short-term therapy or solution-focused therapy allows us to dive into what’s most challenging right now so you can get back to living life on your terms. We will dive into identifying your goals and obstacles towards your goals using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    Changing the way we think and relate to others can change our entire life’s course! If you’re on the fence, I offer a 15-minute phone consultation free of charge to see if we are a good fit before investing your time and money. I currently have availability for entrepreneurs, lawyers, performers, educators, and everyone in between!